lenk accomodation for the winter acro festival


Mountain lodge camp

winter acromodation for the acrolama winter acro festival Our camp is centrally located at Lenk village and just 2 minutes walk from the train station and 5 minuets walk away from the hall.


We have 8 dormitories with each between 6 - 8 sleeping spots. (one bigger with 12) There are mattress and pillows but please bring your own sleeping bag.


Overnight accommodation in rooms with 2 or 4 beds, including bed linen.
There are spacious and well-maintained sanitary facilities with shower/toilet cubicles in the corridor or directly in the rooms.
Rooms can be booked directly with Hotel Alpenruh

Special rates for participants of the Winter Acro Festival. Martin and Sonja Buchs: info@alpenruh-lenk.ch
Prices: from CHF 50.- to 60.- per person/night (depending on room type) Attention: Room availability is subject to change.
(Note at booking: WAF / to D. Wagner)


Mountain Lodge Backpacker Camp Gutenbrunnenstrasse 3775 Lenk Google Maps CLICK HERE

Some other extra infos:

We'll place the sauna and hot pots near to the camp. There are parking places for cars and mini buses. We recommend you to come by train. Bring some house shoes for the hall and house. All the meals are in the hall. Some snacks and coffee will be provided.


By train:

The wonderful destination of Lenk lays at the end of a beautiful and varied train ride from either Bern or Montreux.
There's only one train change from Bern to Lenk.
The Lötschberger train takes you hourly from Bern directly to Zweisimmen, where you’ll change trains to catch the 20 minute regional train to Lenk.

Approximate travel times by train

  • Zurich – Berne – Lenk: 2h 30 min
  • Basel – Berne – Lenk: 2h 15 min
  • Geneva – Lausanne – Montreux – Lenk: 3h 30 min
  • Berne/Belp – Lenk: 1h 45 min


Tickets can be bought in the Swiss Main Trains system SBB
Prices are very relative to how soon you buy the tickets and time of train. As a obvious general recommendation book with time!

By car:

Traveling on the A6 motorway Bern-Thun, take the Wimmis/Zweisimmen exit through the Simmenfluh Tunnel, on the other side of which begins your journey up the Simme River Valley. The main road in the valley, the Simmentalstrasse.
Coming from Bulle and the Canton of Freiburg, one can reach Lenk via Charmey by traveling over the Jaunpass into the Simmental (Boltigen) or by traveling via Château d’Oex-Saanen-Zweisimmen.

Approximate travel times by car

  • Berne – Lenk: 1h 15min
  • Basel – Lenk: 2h
  • Geneva – Lenk: 2h 15min
  • Zurich – Lenk: 2h 30min