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Urban Acro Festival

There is no angry way to say BUBBLES. Come and have fun ... lots of it!

About the acro festival in Zürich

Summer + Acro [Partner Acrobatics, Acroyoga, Acrodance] + Pool + Music = 3 days of a lot of fun!

Acro Festival

The Zirkusquartier will be our new house in this first edition of the Urban Acro Festival in Zürich. More then 14 Workshops to choose plus a big pool to play and awesome food! Moreover there will be a special saturday night event; to bring this Urban Acro Festival to life.

The invitation is open for all levels, experiences, shapes and sizes! Everyone is welcome to come and share the fun of Acro and move with us!


In this first edition of the Urban Acro Festival we focused on having as many of the local Teachers we could. Slow, Fast, Standing, L-Basing, Dynamic, Static, Intro, Advanced. It's 3 days of moving, sharing and having fun.

There will be 7 Rounds with each 2 Workshops to Choose from. We'll list the Workshops as soon as possible and week you posted with our Newsletter or join our Whatsapp Group

As a little extra, we have each day:

  • Morning Yoga Sessions
  • Partner Thai Massage
  • Handstand training
Not only Acro!

Many more things then just a floor to do acro and a teacher are included in this weekend!

  • Awesome local, Vegan, Organic Food
  • Live Band and DJ for the Saturday Party
  • Big pool to refresh (and ... some standing acro ;))

Food Corner

Not to picky Local, Fair, Organic, Vegan with Love

We set a high value on healthy food. So everything you eat during this days comes from the local farmer and will be cooked with love. As we train all day long we need energy and we want to have hight quality.
With this in mind, we look to each other, to our food and to all other living beings we share the planet with. Vegan, organic, regional, fair and food-waste-conscious ingredients and processes are a given, forming a solid foundation upon which creativity roams free.
Kremena our cook is insatiably curious about all aspects of plant-based cuisine, constantly nibbling on fascinating information about preparation, nutrition, origin and sustainability. She particularly enjoys sharing food.
As she cooked allready amazing food for our last Winter Acro Festival, she has this experience and know who much you Acro-Monkey can eat! ;-)

Sleeping Area

Cosy together

The gallery above the trainings hall and the barn in the Zirkusquartier area will be our two sleeping halls.
Each spot fit approximately 25 people. Simple and easy first comes first serves.
Bring your own sleeping bag and matt to sleep.

More comfort? In Zurich City there are many hostels or check out www.airbnb.com








constant jam


Meet our local teachers.

Jeanine in Urban Acro AcroFestival



The Zirkusquartier is her home, working place, moving space, performing stage. How awesome is that!?. Very happy to have this amazing Persona with us! Enjoy her all you can!

Matthias Bleisch und Paule Urban Acro Festival Zürich

Matthias & Paulina

Mäd und Pau

Feet on the head! Crazy acrobats, who loves challenges and know many acro tricks in standing. We are happy to have them at the Urban Acro Festival in Zürich! They will come up for you with amazing workshops.

Salvatore Daniel im Urban Acro Festival



He teaches Yoga, AcroYoga, Meditation and Slackline and combines these activities in a creative and playful way. The practice of extreme sports combined to meditation establishes the balance between playing and staying. In both activities the ultimate goal is to live here and now, to play here and now, to stay here and now.

Phillip un Kate im Urban Acro Festival

Philipp & Kath

Philipp is Co-Founder of "Urban Acro Festival Zürich" and a passionated Acroyogi. Since young age he got in contact with acrobatic and dance. He loves to share and teach with Kate acroyoga in "das Yoga Haus" Zürich. Kate is a smily person and love to move. She is certified teacher in Hatha Yoga, Rainbow Yoga Kids and Synergy Partner Yoga.

Laura Vogel im Urban Zürich Acro festival

Laura Vogel


Originaly from Berlin. She is a choregrapher, performer and teacher in Zürich. We're happy to have her at the Fest sharing her vast experience and good vibes!

Acrolama, Danica Wagner und Adrian Garate im Urban Acro Festival

Danica & Adrian


Two Acrobats who decided Acro made fun so it needs to spread. Co-Founder of "Winter Acro Festival" and now the "Urban Acro Festival Zürich" They bring with lots of passion the knowledge and experience to their students. Why lama? Cause like, Who doesn't like lamas!?

Festival schedule

Might/Will be updated constantly. Join our Whatsapp Group for constant updates.

Door Opening

Check in. Choose helping task. Explore the area. Find your sleeping spot. And get ready for the first Workshops!!

Warm up to get ready and steady for the evening!


Workshop 1: Trio Moves
Salvatore + Acrolama
Workshop 2: Basic Alignments
Phillip & Kath

Dinner is served! A helpful spirit is very welcome :)!

Workshop 1: Freaky Flows
Workshop 2: Thai Massage

7:00 - 8:00

Morning Yoga :)! Style and art to be confirmed.

Sarah Jalali

Starting the day with some good Breakfast!

Dance and move all arround to Warm up :)!


Workshop 1: Acro Balance Standing Figures
Laura & Franzika
Workshop 2: Slakro

Lunch time! Remeber to wirte in the comments of your registration if you have some intolerance or preference.

Relaxing after Lunch is great. Come and join a small led Thai Jam.

Workshop 1: AcroYoga meets Partnering, Dance your Acro
Salvatore & Debora
Workshop 2: Animal fun and flow
Philipp & Kath

Workshop 1: Shoulder Stands
Pau & Mäd
Workshop 2: Acro Dance / Tanzakrobatik

We start arround 20:00 till arround 24:00 to dance out all we can! ;)


Led yoga class for the early birds!


Delicious breakfast to start the day!

Because, belive us, you can never do enough handstands :)!

Pau & Mäd

Workshop 1: Press it Up!
Teacher 1: Salvatore
Workshop 2: Bulk Pau & Mäd

Lunch time! Recover some energys to keep going :)! Maybe a group picture ?

Workshop 1: Icarian Games
Workshop 2: The Surprise Workshop

Hoping all had a wonderful time we wanted to ask you to help us clean the house :)! Thanks you all!


Some questions might get answeard in our Return Policies otherwise just write us!

Full Festival
  • All Workshops
  • Food and Snacks
  • Saturday Night Event

Register to Urban Acro Festival now!

After registration your recive a email with all the payment and return policies etc. If you have any questions you can allways write us to acrolama@acrolama.com



Thanks to all support us


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